David and Heidi
...first wedding anniversary
Thank you FM, for doing what you do.
Tom und Lena
...engaged April 2009
Easter brunch, Lena from Munich found a diamond
in a glas of Champagne.
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Love without borders...

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First Matchmaker - as featured on TV and in the press - has been building
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from Calw (Germany), is 39 years old.
47 years old, from Berlin (Germany).
48 years old, from bregenz (Austria).
51 years old, from Berlin (Germany).
is 52 years from Mönchengladbach in Germany.
is 53 years from New York in United States.
from Hamburg (Germany), is 53 years old.
from Washington DC (United States), is 42 years old.


Tom, age 35, Boston and Lena, age 30, München

International marketing manager and scientist

Due to work reasons I came to the States many years ago, but I always thought that I eventually want to go back to Germany. After dating a few American men and also other nationalities I realized that I might be more compatible with a German man, who also has been living abroad and believes in a cosmopolitan way of life. I heard about First Matchmaker from friends and decided to join them for a 3-month special offer to try out their services. I was very happily surprised that I met so many world open people and although I didn’t meet the right man during that trial, I renewed my deluxe-membership for additional 3 months. During that time I met Tom, a German-American. We wrote long emails, got to know each other over the phone and fell in love right at our first meeting. We engaged in April 2009.

really thank First Matchmaker for their personal support and I am glad that I renewed my membership.

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Dating tips with real life experience stories

Read valuable tips on her first date with a dream partner. From our years of experience in the international dating service we provide you with valuable recommendations.

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German business men, sophisticated and very wealthy, between  the ages at 40 til 50 are looking for their dream date. They are singles, childless and now they are ready for having a serious relationship. They want to marry and have a family.

They are looking for women having the American citizen ship or the Canadian citizen ship. They have to be between 25 til 42, they can live in Europe or the U.S. resp. Canada.

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Bestseller on the German book fair: In the Bed with New York, Juliane Summer

The story of a woman who shortly before her 50th birthday, after many happy years of marriage, breaks out of her marriage in order to fulfill her dream: She goes to NY. She falls in love with the city, falls in love with a New York man and takes the chance on a new beginning:
She moves to the BIG Apple.
In her marriage sex became an...weiter lesen


If you are so wonderful, why you are still single?

I agree, it is not easy to find the right partner in this unloved world.

Firstmatchmaker will help you, to find your partner.

There are many strategies, how you can find your dream date.

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Finally she has found her dream date

Only 25, pretty, slim, insane, without experiences but she knows what she wants: she is only interested in very rich men who like to spoil her. The first one, an elder man from NY (60) invited her in her house. He has shown her around, all his friends should look at her. He ask her to marry him at the first second when they met each other on the JFK airport. But she did not fall in...weiter lesen


Love without borders

Let`s take some time to get to know each other. In times of globalization we more than ever experience the desire to need somebody and to be needed. Especially in our fast paced world, we are longing for somebody`s closeness, tenderness and security. A lasting relationship has become a great value. Hence, being single is considered to be only temporary rather than a way of life worth aiming for.

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