Tom, age 35, Boston and Lena, age 30, München

International marketing manager and scientist

Due to work reasons I came to the States many years ago, but I always thought that I eventually want to go back to Germany. After dating a few American men and also other nationalities I realized that I might be more compatible with a German man, who also has been living abroad and believes in a cosmopolitan way of life. I heard about First Matchmaker from friends and decided to join them for a 3-month special offer to try out their services. I was very happily surprised that I met so many world open people and although I didn’t meet the right man during that trial, I renewed my deluxe-membership for additional 3 months. During that time I met Tom, a German-American. We wrote long emails, got to know each other over the phone and fell in love right at our first meeting. We engaged in April 2009.

I really thank First Matchmaker for their personal support and I am glad that I renewed my membership.

Victoria ,age 41,Texas and Roland, age 47, Berlin

It specialist and entrepreneur

Victoria (her father was stationed in Germany and fall in love with her mother) moved years ago from Texas/US to her relatives in Germany/Berlin. Later she found her companion R. through I met my partner about six years ago in Berlin, at that time I became a member at I never went out much or choose the party scene like my friends. I have chosen this service , to find the right partner.

I became a deluxe member with the personal consultation.
I felt very pleased and relaxed during the phone coaching. Firstmatchmaker gave me a feeling of self-confidence to talk about my feelings, my frustrations and my single life. They arranged our first meeting by phone. After we met at a nice restaurant, although I was shy, but anxious to meet him.We clicked from the first second and as time moved on our relationship became inseparable.
One year later we got our apartment and have done so much together. In May 2002 our son was born. We do not miss our single life at all. Last summer our son joined the school. At time we are living in USA.

Charles, age 62, NY and Monika, age 43, Hamburg

Wall Street Broker and dentist

My roots are in Germany. 150 years ago my German parents ( my father was a medical doctor) settled down in America.
I lived and worked for many years in London. After moving back to NY and getting divorced I was looking for an European woman. I read about in the New York Times and decided to become a deluxe member. The first lady of my favorite list became my new partner. I invited come over to NY. Her dream was to move to U.S.
It took only 4 months and my German lady left her city and moved to my place in NY. I belie it is a perfect match.

Fritz, age 39, Maryland and Anja, age 33, Rostock


Architect and managerSince I have been traveling to Germany visiting my relatives as a young boy I have been found for the German/European family life style.I also have had a found-eye for European woman. I think there is a difference.The thought of marrying a woman from Europe and visiting her family/friends serveral times a year reminded me of my childhood.I think that European women are well "Rounded"in taste and class(But,not in Physical shape).This is something that I feel is missing here in the United States.I have dated many American women with different back grounds and social status. But I kept thinking about dating or marrying a European woman.I joined and found her in only 5 months.


Kim, age 40, New York and Dietmar, age 50, Munich

Artist and director in the media field

I am Japanese American and an artist, studied at the Sorbonnen in Paris, living in New York (own a house near the ocean)but working all over the world. Through I found a German companion. We have the same interests: enjoy the arts, classical music, architecture, photography etc. Kim: "I love Germany, especially Berlin and Munich, where I stay now whenever it is possible".

Ms.Johnson, age 41, Connecticut and Mr.Jäger, age 49, Berlin

Fashion photographer and attorney

This is the story about Ms.Johnson from Trumbull/Connecticut and Mr. Jäger from Germany who have fallen in love during their first date in Berlin.


  1. Mr. Jäger, attorney with his own office in Berlin, why are you searching your new partner in U.S.?answer: I made more than 20 years expierences with Europaen ladies. Now I am curious about American women.
  2. How did you meet each other?I was joining We started to exchange e-mails, we began our phone conversation (it is unbelievable inexpensive to make calls between Europe and U.S. ). Ms. Johnson organized her business stay in Europe with our first date in Berlin.
  3. Ms Johnson, a known fashion photographer, what was your first impression when you met Mr. Jäger in person?I had a very good first impression of him.
    Surprisingly, it went very well! Better than I'd ever expected. It is always exciting no matter how often you had a blind date before. Through our communication by phone and mails before our first date I became more and more attracted to him. I liked his voice, the way he talked.
  4. Were their any language problems?
    No, absolutely not. Cosmopolitan people are multilingual. Mr. Jäger speaks fluent English, French and Italian.
    There was a certain chemistry between us from the first moment.
    I had a wonderful stay. I was very happy because he was just the sort of men I hoped to meet. He organized an excellent stay, I didn`t miss anything.
  5. Do you think you could have this kind of date without being a member of
    Answer: maybe but when? It took me only two months to meet the right sort of man.
    I would like to sincerely thank for being the perfect cosmopolitan match-maker and for helping me find the man of my dreams.
  6. Mr. Jäger do you plan to visit Ms. Johnson in U.S.?Yes, I will pretty soon. I want to know how she lives, I want to meet her family and friends.
  7. Do you plan a common future?
    Yes, we do. Nowadays the geografic distance is not so important for a good relationship. We are established , expierenced, we have our jobs etc. The most important thing is to find a partner for your soul, body and mind. We have many common interests and different backgrounds which makes this realationship very interesting.