Bestseller on the German book fair: In the Bed with New York, Juliane Summer

The story of a woman who shortly before her 50th birthday, after many happy years of marriage, breaks out of her marriage in order to fulfill her dream: She goes to NY. She falls in love with the city, falls in love with a New York man and takes the chance on a new beginning:
She moves to the BIG Apple.
In her marriage sex became an obligation. In NY however she switches from one man to another depending on her moods and desires and discovers many new sexual characteristics about herself.

Sometimes she has sex with three men on one day……..
She likes to make herself pretty for her dates, enjoys the exciting everyday life, joins with her Jewish admirer to visit swinger’s parties, meets a millionaire, makes the acquaintance of interesting people of different nationalities, finds an apartment in Manhattan smoothly and achieves everything she wants due to her combination of life experience, courage and abandon.

This book is the story of Yes to life and of zest and courage of a new beginning.
On the traces of Juliane Summer you learn that at the age of fifty life is not over, just the opposite: if the kids are out of the house, you can start a completely new life instead of sitting out the rest slight.
This book is not a call to end happy relationships, but is an encouragement to make your own dreams come true.

to order go to  at epubli.de or amazon.de, at present you can buy the German version, the English version will come shortly