WDR broadcast of January 05, 2008 - Men hunt in Manhattan

Two German ladies take off to NYC to find the man of their dreams

Desiree from Dusseldorf is feeling giddy. For the past few months the 24-year-old optician has been exchanging romantic e-mails with Josh, a student from Washington, D.C. She has always found American men more attractive than German men, and in New York she will finally meet her "American dream" in person. She hopes he will turn out to be the love of her life.

Birgit, 46, is also looking for new love across the Atlantic. The man of her dreams has presented himself as an American millionaire with a mansion and a private beach.

Both encounters were arranged by Erika Frank.

Journalist Barbara Siebert accompanies the two ladies on their journey to NYC. She is with them when they meet their dream dates and shows how fast dreams can burst.

Documentary by Barbara Siebert (2008)